Cerulean Media

We help you achieve your marketing goals by providing innovative design and creative, results-oriented audience and traffic generation, and increased revenue through monetization opportunities.

Creative Services

Helping Real Estate professionals and Lenders design both their digital marketing presence as well as their offline brand presences.

Custom Website Landing Pages & Custom Website Forms

Bolster your Internet presence and lead capture opportunities with custom targeted website landing pages

 and enhanced lead capture forms.

Targeted Website Landing Pages

Turbocharge your Internet presence with custom website landing pages for your paid search campaign. Website landing pages can be specific to your farm area, local community or neighborhoods, or targeted to a specific audience.  

Website landing pages can also include form fields for lead capture opportunities, and the individual landing pages link back to your main website to help drive additional traffic to your site.

Cost $425 per landing page

Enhanced Lead Capture Forms

Supercharge your website's lead capture with custom forms.  In addition to the basic forms provided through the Real Living solution, the enhanced lead capture forms allows you to customize questions and form fields for more lead capture opportunities and to better segment leads captured on your website.

When the custom form is submitted an email notification is sent to your inbox, so you don't miss an opportunity to follow up with the leads generated on your website quickly.

Cost $425 per form

For additional customized solutions and services, or for more information on how we can help you further customize your website,
contact us at info@ceruleanmedia.com