Cerulean Media

We help you achieve your marketing goals by providing innovative design and creative, results-oriented audience and traffic generation, and increased revenue through monetization opportunities.

Creative Services

Helping Real Estate professionals and Lenders design both their digital marketing presence as well as their offline brand presences.

Our Research

Cerulean Media worked with Real Trends to conduct an online study of real estate professionals to learn the current state of their marketing efforts, business planning and areas where they need assistance.

The Current Real Estate Industry Trends

  •        REALTORS® spend $10 billion a year marketing their companies and properties
  •        The goal is to generate awareness for their business and gain new clients

Questions the research wanted to answer:  What are Brokers and Agents really spending their advertising dollars on?  How strategic is that money used?  What is their long-term strategy and where do they need help?  How much is online?

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                    Market Research Video Segment

Our Focus Group Research                                                                    

Cerulean Media conducted focus group research in the Fall of 2013.  The Focus Group interviews were conducted with Brokers and Agents in the following cities:  Atlanta, Boston, Phoenix and San Francisco. 

The target audience for the research including high performing agents with over 10 commissioned transactions and high performing brokers with teams who had over 40 commissioned transactions.

The key findings include:

  1.        Brokers and Agents are not strategically planning their marketing budgets

  2.        Not tracking ROI

  3.        They feel overwhelmed and not knowledgeable enough to do more online                                                                                                         marketing tactics, such as SEO and SEM themselves

Brokers and Agents need to outsource their marketing efforts so they can focus on their clients.