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Helping Real Estate professionals and Lenders design both their digital marketing presence as well as their offline brand presences.

Real Estate & Living Media (REALM)

Join the REALM

Add a no risk stream of revenue to your business by leveraging your website…for more than just generating leads

The REALM gives websites within the home and real estate categories access to some of the nation’s largest and most credible advertisers and the opportunity to generate additional revenue through advertising.

By joining our Media Network, you will help national companies connect with a vast, highly-targeted online real estate and home enthusiast audience. This audience – your site’s visitors – is a wildly attractive target market to national advertisers, as these well-known retailers and service providers spend, on average, $11 billion each year to gain more business. 

How Does It Work?

The process to join is simple and costs nothing. The REALM delivers the advertising to your website and shares the advertising payments with you. Publishers will receive full support from a dedicated Account Manager. 

Why Join the REALM?

Advertisers want to access to an important consumer segment - the home buyer and seller. People on the move are deciding on home improvement, mortgages, utilities, and telecommunications services. They’re considering items like home appliances, new furnishings, electronics and more.

A wide range of advertisers, including banks and financial institutions, insurance, travel, automotive and retailers, are interested in reaching your clients. We deliver a 24/7 revenue stream to our Network members by providing access to some of the largest online budgets.

Become a member by calling 866.599.8623 or email us for support and sales.


Advertise on the REALM

The Real Estate and Living Media Network is the single largest media network of independent real estate websites online

  Leveraging hundreds of direct relationships with this vast network of     real estate agents, brokers, and companies, Cerulean Media can offer     targeted display, integrated, and sponsorship advertising solutions for   advertisers of any size across over 1900 real estate websites, reaching   8.1 million unique users each month.

A Previously Inaccessible Online Segment

  Advertising on the Real Estate and Living Media Network gets your        ads on websites that typically never had advertising before. Tap into      the audience that is in the middle of the real estate transaction.            Advertising in these real estate pockets across the country gives you      local depth and targeting, with scaled, national reach!

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For the terms and conditions of the REALM for publishers, click here