Cerulean Media

We help you achieve your marketing goals by providing innovative design and creative, results-oriented audience and traffic generation, and increased revenue through monetization opportunities.

Creative Services

Helping Real Estate professionals and Lenders design both their digital marketing presence as well as their offline brand presences.

SEM Services

Consumers are using search engines in different ways while searching for local content.  
"There is search advertising and there is search behavior.  Today, marketers need to harness the power of both" - Google 

Search Marketing is more than just one way to market yourself and your company, it is a marketing strategy that includes SEO, organic traffic acquisition and social channels to maximize expose to your real estate website and help raise your brand awareness in front of potential new clients.

You know you need to be doing SEM, but at Cerulean Media, we think of SEM as part of the online marketing strategy and strive to provide metrics and analysis for your campaigns to provide the best return on investment and awareness level.

Search Marketing Services
  • Organic Traffic Acquisition
  • Social Media Channels
  • PPC Search and Display Advertising
  • Analytical and Business Review
Organic Traffic Acquisition
Organic Traffic Acquisition comes from five different sources:  organic traffic to your website, email, SEO, ads and partnerships via SEM and through social channels.  

Organic traffic are visits that come straight to your website and are the most valuable.  Pay per click (PPC), organic and local search optimization and Google AdWords are typically part of the SEM offerings.

Social Media provides another way for you to interact with prospects and clients quickly. Too busy closing transactions to create your own Facebook page, Google+ account or post on Twitter - we can help.  Our plans range from setting up your social media pages for you and your business to ongoing help with relevant posts and updates.

Social Media Philosophy

Social media has integrated almost completely into every aspect of the online world. An informational website can be “Liked,” a newspaper article can be “Shared,” and an opinionated blog can be “Tweeted.” For the professional world, this means a website that is being shared on social media has more exposure and the ability to develop more leads than a site that does not utilize social media.

Social media provides unprecedented immediate access to clients. Whether they have questions or complaints, you can answer and resolve problems immediately and publicly. You are demonstrating your commitment to excellence in front of every potential client who follows you.

Cultivating a strong social media following requires a consistent strategy. The image you project in person, on your website, and on social media should be strong and unified. That way, those people who are drawn to you through social media will have a good idea of what to expect when they begin actually working with you. Deciding what that image should be and the best way to project it is something Cerulean Media excels at. Start to develop your strategy across a variety of platforms to engage more clients, drive them to your website, and increase your numbers of both leads and conversions.

Cerulean Media offers an individualized approach, where we create a SEM plan
 to be an integrated part of your entire marketing plan.

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