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We help you achieve your marketing goals by providing innovative design and creative, results-oriented audience and traffic generation, and increased revenue through monetization opportunities.

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Helping Real Estate professionals and Lenders design both their digital marketing presence as well as their offline brand presences.

SEO Services

Real Estate related searches on Google have grown 253% over the last four years.
Home shoppers will perform an average of 11 searches prior to taking action on a real estate site.

Increasingly, search engines are focusing on local content.  
Hyper local strategies tend to favor businesses who already operate in crowded marketplaces, such as real estate.  The search engine spiders have learned how to read.  To stay at the top of competition, you need to build community backlinks and harness the powers of your client reviews to remain relevant to the Google search engine.  Sounds like a lot of work, but Cerulean Media is here to help you out.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Real Living Office Website Traffic Acquisition Packages

Search Engines are the Consumer's Conversion Path

Real estate related searches on Google have grown 245% over the past 4 years and home shoppers will perform an average of 11 searches prior to taking action on a real estate site.

Paid Search + Organic Search = Best Results

There is a 91% increased likelihood of website visit when organic search and paid search results appear on the same page.

Leverage Search Engines to Connect with "In-Market" Buyers and Sellers Online

Target those online searches who are actively looking for real estate  in your area by ranking in the top search results with our turnkey traffic acquisition packages.  By leveraging Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Marketing, you can connect with in-market buyers and sellers in your area and drive more traffic and lead opportunities to your website.

Traffic Acquisition Packages

By deploying both paid search tactics and social marketing tactics, our traffic acquisition packages will introduce new visitors to your website and effectively drive leads.  We take care of all the details for you, and provide easy to understand monthly reports.

reAdMax SEM Starter Package
reAdMax SEM Pro Package

All packages require a 3 month contract.

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